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Three-Way Rigs

Three-Way Rigs A three-way rig is another simple, but versatile, rig for fishing natural live ..

Bottom Bouncer Rigs

Bottom Bouncer Rigs Figure 1. Various types of Bottom Bouncers. Bottom bou..

Dropper Rigs

Dropper Rigs Dropper rigs are generally rigs that you drop down the water column and still fis..

Slip Weight Rigs

Slip-Weight Rigs A slip-weight rig is primarily a drifting set-up, but can also be used for st..

Basic Rigs

Basic Rigs for Natural Bait Natural bait is hard to beat for it's fish catching ability. Mos..

Types of Spinner Blades

Types of Spinner Blades for your Spinner Harness There are at least seventeen different type..

Types of Snell Knots

The Four Main Snell Knots Used for Spinner Harnesses These knots are all great for snelling ..