Rowdy Lake Outpost

Guests: 4 to 10, in 2 cabins
Flight Distance: 54 miles, 23 minutes
Fly-in/Out Days: Any
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass
Lake Size: 2,808 acres, above average
Shoreline: 69 miles (112 km)
Portage Lakes: Babe, Sydney, Wyder, Joyce, Outlet, Chaval, Carlbom Lakes
Other Camps on Lake: No

Camp Description
Loonhaunt Lake is our closest outpost, located 20 air miles southeast of Nestor Falls. Experience excellent year-round fishing in this clear lake that has many bays and islands with excellent underwater structure and weed beds. Take your pick of angling for walleye, northern pike, lake trout or bass. The lake is quite large so no matter which way the wind is blowing there’s always sheltered fishing relatively close to home.

The Rowdy Lake Camp fly-in is part of Crow Rock’s family operation. This small American Plan camp has been in the family for 26 years and our base lodge for 57 years. We operate all of our destinations with integrity, quality, and a first class experience to our customers.

Imagine flying into a pristine lake in the Woodland Caribou Park just 55 air miles North of Kenora, Ontario. As your circling the lake before touchdown you take in a glimpse of the beauty of Rowdy Lake with its winding shoreline and dotted islands. We are the only camp on this beautiful 12 mile long lake. Rowdy Lake Camp is truly a top fly-in destination in Northwestern Ontario with magnificent scenery and breathtaking waterfalls.

As your plane approaches the dock your staff awaits to greet you. Your boats are equipped and ready to go for the afternoon of fishing. We have a great fishery offering walleye, northern pike, lake trout and smallmouth bass. 100 fish days per boat are common.

As you walk up from the dock you will be escorted to your log cabin amidst a lovely span of green lawn. The camp site is sprawled across the lawn consisting of two guest’s cabins, kitchen/dining cabin, fish house and staff cabin. If you have a group of 8-10 guests in your party the entire camp and 8 lakes are exclusively yours.

Our two camp hosts are at your disposal to make your trip enjoyable. The camp manager will plan your day, prepare your boats daily and guide you if needed. The cook will prepare delicious home cooked meals and provide daily maid service.

In addition to fishing the waters of Rowdy Lake we also have 8 other walk-in lakes for more fishing and exploring. There are very few small American Plan camps where you can rough it in comfort and have the entire camp to your group and 8 different lakes to fish.

Why Stay at Rowdy Lake?
This fly-in destination is truly a gem situated in the pristine Woodland Caribou Park 55 air miles North of Kenora, Ontario. We are the only camp on this 12 mile long lake with no big open water so anglers can fish even on the windiest days. The scenery is magnificent with many islands dotting the lake and several breathtaking waterfalls. We have a spectacular fishery offering walleye, northern pike, lake trout and smallmouth bass.

Your Group Can Have the Entire Camp
We run this fly-in camp as a small American Plan camp accommodating a maximum of 10 guests only. If you book in with 8-10 guests you have the entire camp for your group. We have a great couple that operates this camp to make your stay enjoyable. The camp manager guides if needed and maintains the camp and prepares the fishing boats daily. The cook prepares delicious home cooked meals, home baked breads, and the best chocolate chip cookies in Northwest Ontario.

World Class Fishing plus Remote Lakes
Enjoy fantastic fishing for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and lake trout. Fish the many islands, bays, reefs, and breathtaking waterfalls. Besides the spectacular fishing on Rowdy Lake we have 8 remote walk-in lakes for more great fishing and adventure. These remote lakes are set up with boats and motors for day trips. Catching 100 fish daily is very common in this camp.

Rough it in Comfort
The camp site includes two log guests’ cabins with 24 hr electricity and full bathrooms, a kitchen/dining cabin, staff cabin, and fish house. For your convenience we have quiet solar power, radio telephone, ice machine, and wifi. Enjoy our Newer 16’ Lund boats with quiet four stroke 15 hp motors and comfortable seating.

The camp is located on Rowdy Lake which is part of the Sturgeon River system. On the North end of the lake majestic Sydney Falls flows in creating magnificent scenery and spectacular fishing. You don’t know if your next cast will be a trophy walleye or monster pike. The north end of the lake is dotted with several islands, lots of bays and creeks providing a great fish habit. The southern part of the lake winds around with more islands and is the deepest part of the lake. Here you will find more lake trout and lots of walleye and pike. To the far west end of the lake another beautiful waterfalls called Chavel Falls enters the lake. This scenic cascading falls is a magnet for fish. Please see our 8 remote walk-in lakes for more fishing options.

Portage Lakes
There are seven additional portage lakes to fish!

Babe Lake

Within a few minutes from camp and a half mile walk, you’re fishing for walleye, bass and pike. A larger lake at 2 miles with many bays and islands to explore.

Sydney Lake

A large gin clear lake abundant with lake trout. Also a good chance for a trophy walleye and pike. A 15 yard portage from Rowdy Lake next to the waterfalls.

Wyder Lake

A deep dark bottomed lake holding lake trout and pike. The lake stretches for 4 miles with many bays and islands. A 1/4 mile portage from Rowdy Lake.

Joyce Lake

Located across from the camp; 100 yard portage. A consistent producer of large walleyes and pike. A crystal clear lake 13/4 miles long.

Outlet Lake

Rowdy Lake empties into this lake, creating rapids and waterfalls. A short 75 yard walk and you could be casting next to the falls. A small sheltered lake, 11/4 miles long, great for walleye and pike, tea colored water.

Chaval Lake

A tea colored lake producing good walleye and pike. You also have access into Rolston Lake by boat. A 10 yard portage near the falls, 11/2 mile long lake.

Carlbom Lake

A small emerald green lake filled with pike. A short 10 yard portage from Wyder Lake.

Camp Amenities:

  • Running Water: Yes
  • Washroom: Indoor
  • Shower: Yes
  • Fridge: Electric Fridge
  • Stove: Propane Stove
  • Lights: Solar Electric
  • Electricity: Yes
  • BBQ: Propane
  • Heating: Wood Stove
  • Deck: Yes
  • Radio or Satellite Phone: Yes
  • Boats: 16′ aluminum with swivel seats
  • Motors: 15HP Yamaha motors
  • Other: Includes meals

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