Beteau Lake Outpost

Guests: 1 to 12
Flight Distance: 130 miles, 55 minutes
Fly-in/Out Days: Any
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Lake Size: 6,908 acres, very large
Shoreline: 244 miles (393 km)
Portage Lakes: Attawapiskat River
Other Camps on Lake: No

Camp Description
The Beteau Lake Camp consists of four newly built sleeping cabins, which can accommodate any size group ranging from 1 to 12 people. In addition there is a mini lodge, which we use as a common area. Amenities include: refrigerators, freezers, propane stoves, wood stoves, electricity, hot and cold running water, shower, WiFi, Satellite TV and phone.

The Beteau Lake Area is known for its World Class Trophy Northern Pike and the abundance of Gigantic Trophy Walleye. There are Sturgeon and Perch available as well. We run an organized Black Bear hunt out of this camp as well as a Moose hunt. Please select a link below to read more details on the fishing and hunting.

Beteau Lake Walleye Fishing

Beteau Lake is a widening of the famous Attawapiskat River and down stream around 35 miles from Attawapiskat Lake.

The Walleye fishing in the Attawapiskat water system is outstanding and considered one of the top Walleye destinations in Ontario due to its remote location and the low fishing pressure. You have to travel 60 miles south to reach the most northern camps that other outfitters in Nakina offer. Ontario’s Walleye fishing regulations combined with our catch-&-release policy ensures ever increasing opportunities for big trophy Walleyes.

Weather can greatly affect the way the Walleyes are feeding but generally on an average day of relaxing fishing you should catch between 20 and 50 Walleyes in a day. On overcast days with a little rain and wind the Walleyes generally feed better and you can catch 50 to 75 Walleyes in a day. Guests who are experienced on the river and fish intensely have been known to catch much more and some guests achieve that magic 100 Walleyes in a day. We do not want you to expect that kind of number but it has happened. If you are new to Walleye fishing we will set you up with some techniques that are red hot as well as give you a map of the hotspots. We also have guides available who will show you the best Walleye fishing imaginable and cook you up a shore lunch of fresh Walleye that you will never forget.

Some guests want high numbers and others trophies. The average size Walleye is 2 pounds. Guests catch Walleyes up to 5 pounds almost daily. During a week of fishing a few lucky guests will catch Walleyes up in the 10 pound range. Since we bought the camp in 2009 the largest Walleye caught has been a fat 32.5-incher that weighed in at 14 pounds. Because of our catch-&-release policy all those trophy Walleyes are still there and waiting for you.
In the spring all the Walleyes are shallow and right up against shore and in 2 or 3 feet of water. As the spring fades into summer the smaller Walleyes in the 2 to 3 pound range will be found 3 to 5 feet of water. The big trophy Walleyes, which are almost always female, will stay down 8 to 12 feet during the day and then late evening will come up into the shallows. The Walleyes are also constantly moving. The majority are found in the bottlenecks of the river where there is some current. You will also catch them off rocky points leading into bays and off the weeds but in deeper water to avoid the pike. The Walleye go back and forth between areas of current and make stops at the structure discussed above.

Beteau Lake Northern Pike Fishing

Beteau Lake is a widening of the famous Attawapiskat River and produces the biggest Northern Pike in Ontario without question. There are a number of reasons why:

1) Big water produces big fish. Beteau Lake is a widening of the Attawapiskat River and down stream from Attawapiskat Lake. The Pike have hundreds of miles to roam and hunt down prey. Since the river is stuffed with Walleye, Whitefish, Perch, Suckers and Chub, the Northern Pike have an endless banquet, which is an inexhaustible source of food. They just grow like crazy and get huge.

2) By the time a Northern Pike reaches 40 inches they are usually around 20 years old. It’s rare to have a Pike live to 20 years old down south because they usually die from parasitic infestation or disease. In lakes and rivers north of Nakina; Northern Pike are not affected by these factors because the water is so clean and cool. The rivers are even cleaner with a constant flow of clean spring water. As a result, Northern Pike can live to be well over 70 years and can grow to great sizes. Our webmaster, Gary, used to guide up in the area and tells a story of getting snagged on a log and when he went to get the snag free with a paddle; the log swam away. He claims the Pike was between 65 and 70 inches.

3) As we said before the Northern Pike in our area get unusually thick and look like alligators when sunning themselves in shallow water. We are not 100% sure why the Pike in the River are so much thicker than Pike in the lakes but usually it is from environmental factors. We are assuming because the Northern Pike are more exposed to current they spend more time swimming against the current thus they grow larger muscles. A 40-inch Northern Pike caught in the river is usually 10% heavier than a 40-inch Northern Pike caught in a lake. So when you get into Pike up towards the 50-inch mark you are looking at a thick powerful fish.

There are not a lot of small Pike in the river because they get eaten by bigger Pike. On an average day you should catch 15 to 20 and on better days catch 20 to 25 with some being up to 9 pounds. If you target Northern Pike there is a great chance at getting a Northern in the 40-inch range, which is usually around 18 pounds or bigger. This is The Land of the Gators and monster Northern Pike do get caught many times by lucky guests throughout the summer. The largest Northern Pike actually brought into the boat since we bought the camp in 2009 was a 52-inch 30-pounder. Guests have told stories of Northern Pike so big they would not fit in the net.

Portage Lakes

None, but located on the Attawapiskat River

Camp Amenities:

  • Running Water: Yes
  • Washroom: Outdoor
  • Shower: Yes
  • Fridge: Propane Fridge
  • Stove: Propane Stove
  • Lights: Solar Electric
  • Electricity: Yes
  • BBQ: Propane
  • Heating: Wood
  • Deck: Yes
  • Radio or Satellite Phone: Yes
  • Boats: 14′ Lund with swivel seats
  • Motors: 9.9HP Mercury motors
  • Other: Propane Fish Cooker, WiFi, TV, On-site Staff

Flights provided by Nakina Air Service on Cordingley Lake
450 Cordingley Lake Rd.
Nakina, Ontario
P0T 2H0
50.216978, -86.708495

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Additional Details

  • Travel:Fly-In
  • Other Features:2 Guests Minimum, 10+ Guests Occupancy
  • Water Body:Only Camp on Lake, River System, Larger Lake (>4000 acres)
  • Cabin Features:Running Water, Shower, Electricity, Gas Generator, Solar Power, Satellite Phone/Two-Way Radio/inReach, WiFi, Television
  • Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish
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