Welcome to Gray Wood Outfitters

Welcome to Gray Wood Outfitters. Here is a little about ourselves and our goals. We are two couples that are just like family, who have decided to operate this truly amazing outfitter out of Nakina. After a few years of hunting and fishing there ourselves we jumped at the opportunity, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Andrew & Monika Gray and Adam & Caroline Wood. Andrew and Adam have always been very big hunting and fishing enthusiasts, and live and breathe the experience any chance they get. Being able to hunt Moose and Bear, as well as Fish with this outfitter has been an absolute thrill and incredible opportunity. Monika and Caroline’s education in hospitality and business form the backbone of our team. Together our collective goal is simple. To supply a product and experience to all of you that make Gray Wood Outfitters the place to go. To be able to run Eddie North Adventures and build on this dream, is a dream come true.

We want to make our camps a place where memories are made and stories begin. We want to see our clients beaming with joy, and see countless pictures of their Trophy Fish, Moose and Bear displayed on our site for all to see. With over a combined 40 years of hunting and fishing experience, in conjunction with an equal amount of time in customer service, we hope to provide you the same excitement and experience as we have enjoyed for years to come.

We have camps on four different lakes and each one of them has their own charm and characteristics. We will make sure you will feel comfortable and have everything you need regardless of which location you choose. We strive to make our establishment a truly Canadian adventure because your success and enjoyment is our mission.

Your Dream Destination

Far into the extreme northern wilderness of Northwestern Ontario and way past all the other lodges and outpost camps north of Nakina, is Gray Wood Outfitters. Gray Wood is your dream trophy Moose, Bear, Walleye, and Pike fishing destination. It takes a special breed of person who craves adventure without limits to experience Ontario’s last wild frontier. A fly-in fishing or trophy moose hunting trip with Gray Wood feels like you have reached the edge of the world. Our business goal is supplying you with an oasis; an unexpected level of comfort in an otherwise wild and remote environment. The reward for making such a journey to our location is access to incredible Pike and Walleye fishing, and some of the best trophy Moose and Bear hunting opportunities Canada has to offer.

Fly-in Trophy Northern Pike Fishing
Huge massive trophy Northern Pike live for many decades in the clean water and with a million Walleyes to feed on they reach fantastic sizes. Northern Pike not only reach great lengths in our area; they get fat. When they sun themselves after a big meal they look like alligators, thus why Northern Pike hunters call them gators. Guests catch Pike in the 10-15-pound range every day and Northern Pike over 20 pounds are common. A person targeting Northern Pike will catch a 20-pounder during a week of fishing.

Northern Pike fishing fanatics are looking for something they can’t find anywhere else. They come to our camps for the huge monster trophy Northerns that are kings of the water system. We have Northern Pike reaching 50 inches and with their massive girth can get over 30 pounds. We have had Northern Pike caught-&-released by guests over 50 inches and over 30 pounds since we bought the camp in 2009. Those gators are still here waiting for you.

Fly-in Walleye Fishing
The lakes and rivers in the Attawapiskat region have had very little contact with humans and the fishing is virtually as fantastic as it was 300 years ago when French trappers first explored the area. Walleyes are available in vast numbers including a high number of huge trophy Walleyes. Choosing between our main lodge or outpost camps you have the choice of catching 50 to 100 Walleyes per day or fishing in an area where the Walleyes are less frequent but huge, with almost every guest catching a trophy Walleye sometime during a week of fishing. Walleyes in the 25 to 29-inch range get caught each day with Walleyes way over 30 inches being caught many times during the summer.

Main Lodge
Guests are flown into the wilds by Nakina Air in a Cessna Caravan or a de Havilland DHC-3T Turbo Otter. Our main lodge is located on Beteau Lake, which is a widening of the famous Attawapiskat River. The main lodge has multiple cabins and can accommodate big groups. There is also a common area where meals are prepared. You can cook your own meals or choose our meal plan and have us cook up hardy breakfasts and dinners, allowing you much more time on the water to catch more trophy Northern Pike and Walleyes.

Outposts Camps
Even farther north into the wilderness are our outpost camps. All our outpost camps are on lakes that are stuffed with fish where you will experience the best Walleye fishing and Northern Pike fishing imaginable. Our outpost camps are fully equipped for housekeeping and have great boats and motors. Some of our outpost camps are large canvas tents called spike camps. They are for our Moose hunters and still have all the amenities of our other outpost camps and are placed in remote regions where permanent structures are not allowed.

Fly-in Trophy Moose Hunting

The wilderness north of Nakina has the best Moose hunting in Ontario. The population of Moose in our region is so high that we receive more adult Moose tags than any other area of Ontario. We cater to both archery and rifle hunters and have both Bull tags and Cow tags for WMU 1D. Bull Moose in the Nakina area have been known to exceed 1500 pounds, and antler spreads surpassing 60”.

Our bulls experience very low hunting pressure therefore allowing them to grow older and larger than other areas in Ontario.

We can fully customize any hunting trip to meet your needs. The options are too plentiful to list on our website without creating confusion so please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Due to our ideal location Ontario residents can expect a nearly 100% chance of being successful in the moose draw for our region. Many years surplus tags are available for those who were unsuccessful in the draw in other areas.

Please contact us for any moose questions, or inquiries about availability, or just to “shoot the bull”.

All Outpost Camps are available for Trophy Moose Hunting: Beteau, Windsor, Richter, and Blackbirch. The camp booked for your Trophy Moose Hunting adventure will be based on the number of people in your hunting party, experience, length of hunt, location and amenities desired. Therefore, please contact us to discuss which camp best suits your needs and desires.

Statistically for all of our camps combined, there has been a success rate of 76% for hunting parties.

The largest moose brought down to date had an antler spread of 67 inches (2021) and weighed approx. 1,500 pounds. There have been many moose harvested having antler spreads over 50 inches.

In the fall of 2019, a one side 30 inch antler spread shed was found around the Beteau Lake Camp. This would equate to an antler spread well over 60 inches. This Moose is out there to be hunted. Moose this size have been seen during hunting trips, and have eluded us, so they are still out there and have been spotted by fisherman during non-season.

Flights provided by Nakina Air Service on Cordingley Lake
450 Cordingley Lake Rd.
Nakina, Ontario
P0T 2H0
50.216978, -86.708495

Additional Details

  • Travel:Fly-In
  • Other Features:10+ Guests Occupancy
  • Water Body:Only Camp on Lake, Portage Lake(s), River System
  • Cabin Features:Running Water, Shower, Electricity, Gas Generator, WiFi, Television
  • Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish
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