Fishing And Hunting Trips At Medicine Stone Resort, Ontario

Medicine Stone Resort and Outposts offers quality secluded drive-in and remote fly-in fishing opportunities for trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Blue Walleye. Where else can you have an entire lake all to yourself? We also have a secret trophy Muskie lake and drive-to Smallmouth Bass lakes.

We are also one of the few resorts that provide bear hunting in Canada. Our hunts take place each year in the spring and in the fall. Spring hunts have proven to be exceptionally rewarding and exciting!

Medicine Stone Resort is located on Upper Medicine Stone Lake, 15 miles west of Red Lake, in Northern Ontario. The main resort has the unique opportunity of being secluded, yet still accessible by road (private). The atmosphere very much resembles that of an outpost camp. All of our drive-in and fly-in cabins are light housekeeping cabins.

The drive-in resort will appeal to those looking for convenient access while the fly-in outpost will appeal to those looking for complete isolation and solitude. Trophy walleye, northern pike and lake trout fishing opportunities are equal, regardless of whether guests choose the drive-in resort or fly-in outpost locations. Our fly-in fishing outpost camps are located on Hy-vee Lake, Kitty Hawk Lake and Trophy Lake.

A Little About Medicine Stone Resort & Outpost:

The Medicine Stone Basin is one of the most rugged and beautiful areas of Northern Ontario. The lakes themselves contain a wide variety of structures and depths (up to 120 ft), guaranteeing consistent fishing action year-round. The cool spring fed waters are rich in oxygen, keeping the walleye and lake trout active even in July and August, while the shallow bays and reefs harbour trophy northern pike.

Upper and Lower Medicine Stone Lake derive there names from a unique rock formation believed by the local natives to have unique healing powers. Guests agree that the twin lakes have mystical powers, leaving their visitors enchanted and in awe.

The province of Ontario contains over 61,000 sq. miles of freshwater lakes and rivers. That’s enough water to completely cover the state of Illinois. You will find no shortage of lakes to fish, nor will you need to rub elbows or shoulders with other anglers. Our outpost cabins stand alone, so you will have the entire lake all to yourself.

Black Bear Hunting Trips

Spring and fall Black Bear Hunting Trips are staged from the main drive-in resort. Hunters have the opportunity of seeing black bear in excess of 500 lbs. Our black bear range in colour from light brown to jet black. Our black bear hunting management unit is huge, covering an area that is almost half the size of Rhode Island. The 3rd largest black bear in North America was taken from the Red Lake area (over 750 lbs). Black bear hunting at its best.

Unforgettable Fly-In Fishing

Experience walleye fishing at its finest by visiting our resort in the Red Lake region of Ontario, Canada. We carefully manage our lakes so that stock levels of Walleye remain high all-year-round. You can enjoy fishing for Walleye at either our main, drive-in resort or in the remoteness of our fly-in outposts. All our cabins are roomy and cozy and our lakes, in addition to Walleye, are plentiful with Trout, Pike, Muskie and many more fish species. Mix this with breathtaking scenery, a peaceful environment and plenty of hot spots to fish, we guarantee you won’t want to leave!

Medicine Stone Resort is located on Upper Medicine Stone Lake, 15 miles west of Red Lake, in Northern Ontario, Canada. Our fishing resort has the unique opportunity of being secluded, yet still accessible by road (private). The atmosphere very much resembles that of an outpost camp. Upper and Lower Medicine Stone Lakes are each 8-10 miles in length, and hold walleye, northern pike and lake trout. From the main fishing resort, guests also have easy access to Big Gordo Lake, Little Cow Lake and 4 Cro Lake.

Lodge Accommodations

Our fishing cabins exceed the expectations of our guests. We provide very clean, well kept and fully furnished cabins right on the lake. Whether you’re here to fish, hunt or visit you will feel right at home. Let us help you plan your next vacation. There are four guest cabins available at Medicine Stone Resort. Our largest lodge, cabin 1, sleeps between 8 and 10 people. Our smallest cabins sleep 4 people. All the cabins come with separate living areas and full kitchens. The cabins also include the following features:

  • Fridge, freezer, a cooking stove and propane lights
  • Wood stove for cool nights in spring and fall
  • Complete sets of cooking utensils
  • Solar power with battery backup
  • Shower with a hot water tank
  • Beds with pillows and foam mattresses
  • Water pump and flush toilets

Main Camp Fishing Boats & Motors

We have three types of fishing boats at our resort. The Outfitter Comfort is a robust boat which will navigate all waters. The Lund Luxury boat is for guided trips only and is not available for rent. Lastly, each remote outpost camp is stocked with a 14-foot boat to use on the outpost lakes.

17.5 ft Lund Outfitter Comfort:
The Outfitter is designed to get you out to the most uncharted of waters. Removable storage compartments allow for easy load in and load out throughout the day. Combine that with a spacious deck providing maximum fishability. Familiar or not, the Outfitter provides a “Get it done” attitude regardless of what you ask it to do.

The Outfitter is equiped with a 50 hp fuel injected motor, power trim for shallow waters, low idle control for trolling, live-wells, a Lowrance 5.5 HD Colour depth finder, storage compartments and the top-of-the-line Lund fishing seats. The seats are crafted to give the boater proper back support, which makes a huge difference at the end of the day. We also supply all the legally required equipment such as paddles, anchor, bailing tin, net and the required safety canister, which hold floating rope, whistle and waterproof flashlight.

18.5 ft Lund Luxury with Guide:
We have a camp boat, which is our guide service and not a boat rental. It’s a 18.5 foot Lund with a 200 hp motor. The boat is loaded with everything including Lowrance X-104 depth finder, Minnkota trolling motors, electric down riggers, 2 live-wells and bait-wells. You can sit back, relax, be comfortable and let the guide do all the work.

Outpost Camp Fishing Boats & Motors:

At our outpost camps, like most outpost camps in Ontario, we have 14-foot fishing boats with 8 hp 4-stroke motors. We have 14-foot boats at the outpost camps because we have to fly the boats in attached to the float of a floatplane and there is a limit to the size of boat we can fly-in. The high price of fuel and the cost of flying gas into the outposts required us to use small fuel-efficient motors. The boats are comfortable and the motors are fast enough to get you to any part of the outpost lake in a short time.

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