Lynx Lake Outpost

Guests: 2 to 8
Flight Distance: 48 miles, 20 minutes
Fly-in/Out Days: Any
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch
Lake Size: 959 acres, average
Shoreline: 18 miles (29 km)
Portage Lakes: Whiz Lake
Other Camps on Lake: No

Camp Description

Our new Lynx Lake Yurt will accommodate up to 8 people with the amenities of home, except the out house. The new yurt is fully equipped with hot & cold running water, showers, (flush toilet coming soon) generator & solar power with propane back-up, propane stove, refrigerator and freezer. There’s wonderful lake views and best of all, the fantastic fishing.

Lynx Lake is a beautiful lake and you will have it all to yourself. It’s an easy lake to fish regardless of the weather conditions. Lynx Lake is known for its variety of fish with many Walleye, Northern Pike and large Smallmouth Bass in numbers and don’t forget the many perch. We are working on the access to Whiz lake which will be easily obtained with a short portage.

Boats feature dependable 16′ extra wide Lund Boats with new Yamaha motors. For your safety we include a satellite phone for communication with the flying service.

There are 5 gallon jugs of drinking water or a large supply of water bottles at the camp.

Walleye Fishing

Walleye after Walleye after Walleye, Lynx Lake is a virtual Walleye machine. It’s 4220 acres of prime Walleye habitat and all those Walleyes are exclusively for our guests. The only way to get to the lake is fly-in by float plane and we have the only outpost camp on the lake. As a result, our Lynx Lake guests have their own Walleye factory all to themselves.

Lynx Lake has been closed for a 8 years. We built a new cabin (yurt) on the opposite side of the lake in 2011. The camp will eventually be a drive-in outpost when the road is completed.

There are two streams running into Lynx Lake and one running out. The streams give the Walleyes perfect spawning grounds thus Walleye reproduction in the lake is excellent. The streams also supply the lake with food and a constant injection of clean oxygenated water. There are rocky points and weedy bays as well as sunken weedy plateaus. This lake is small but it’s very nutrient and the perfect habitat for Walleyes. Combining these factors with the fact that there is next to zero fishing pressure makes Lynx Lake one of the best Walleye Lakes in the area.

Lynx Lake is one of those 100 Walleyes per day lakes. Walleyes are common in the 16 to 23-inch range. There are bigger walleyes in the 5 to 8-pound range and they are much easier to catch because they cannot hide like they do in big lakes. There should be some Walleyes in the 10-pound range but realistically it’s hard for a lake this size to produce Walleyes that big. There have been a few 33+ inch walleyes caught and released, so they should still be there waiting for you. Walleyes in Lynx Lake are the best tasting Walleyes in the world: There is a high mineral and calcium content in the water which makes them gold in color, thus our Walleyes are healthy with strong bones. More important, our Walleyes have pure white meat and cook up fluffy and thick. Nothing is better than sitting on the shore in the middle of the Northwestern Ontario Wilderness and eating fresh Walleye cooked in a big iron pan over a fire.

Northern Pike Fishing

This lake is swarming with Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye. Lynx Lake has two streams running in and one stream running out thus a fresh supply of water and food. The streams are also the preferred place for Northern Pike to Spawn. Lynx Lake also has a high population of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass along with bait fish such as Lake Herring, Cisco, Chub and Shiners. As a result the Northern Pike are well fed and for a lake this size, they get bigger than you would expect.

Northern Pike are common in the 5 to 7-pound range. Guests do catch quite a few Northern Pike in the 8 to 15-pound range but they are not as common. If you spend a couple of your days specifically fishing for Northern Pike, there is a good chance you will get a couple in the 20+ pound range. That’s not to say there are no bigger Pike in the lake. A few years ago, a 45-inch Northern Pike was caught and released in Lynx Lake, and a 48-inch at Vaughan. Those are 30+ pound fish. You could possibly hope to catch that big northern, as he’s still in the lake somewhere waiting for a very lucky person to cast the right lure into the right spot.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Lynx and Vaughan Lake both have outstanding Smallmouth Bass fishing. Most lakes in Northwestern Ontario have similar conditions and habitat and can grow big Smallmouth Bass but our lakes are remote fly-in outpost lakes and due to low fishing pressure, they produce unusually large Smallmouth Bass and great numbers. Combining the rocky Canadian Shield structure with the fact that both lakes are constantly being fed food and fresh water from feeder streams, Lynx Lake and Vaughan Lake have Smallmouth Bass fishing just as good as any of the top Smallmouth Bass lakes in Ontario

Smallmouth Bass seem more common in the 1 to 3-pound range. The reason for this is Smallmouth Bass travel in hunting packs and when you come up on a shoal that the bass have taken command of, you will catch tons of them in the 1 to 3-pound range. Bigger Smallmouth Bass travel in mating pairs. Generally, they mate with a bass the same size so if you catch a 4 or 5-pound Smallmouth Bass, there will be another one in the same area.

Smallmouth Bass in the 4 to 5-pound range are caught frequently at our outpost lakes. If you are catching tons of small ones, you are in the wrong place if you are looking for a trophy. The bigger Smallmouth Bass not only travel in mating pairs; they stake out territories. If you come to a nice shoal or rocky point and you do not catch anything right away, it usually means there is a big pair in the area.
There are 6 and even 7-pound Smallmouth Bass in our lakes but they are rare, which is why they are considered trophies. When you find a spot that looks great and you do not catch anything, come back an hour later and be very quiet as to not spook them.

If you want you can work hard and catch 30 to 50 bass in a day. That would be from concentrating on areas with high populations of smaller bass. If you specifically want to catch a trophy bass, you need to sacrifice numbers and patiently fish the prime areas. If you are not catching small ones, then you know the big ones are there. Lac Seul is swarming with Smallmouth Bass. While Smallmouth Bass fishing, you will catch Walleyes and Northern Pike as well. If you find a prime bass area and do not catch anything, it might mean a giant Pike has moved into the area. If you exhaust all your bass techniques, throw on a big Pike lure and see what happens.

Yellow Perch Fishing

The Yellow Perch is one of the most common fish species found in Ontario. They are not officially considered a game fish but they are highly prized by fisherman as they are one of the best tasting fish in the world.

In Lynx Lake and Vaughan Lake, there are lots of Perch and many reach the size status of Jumbo Perch. Usually you find Perch hiding in the weeds with the bigger ones out to the edge of the weeds. They will also stay and mingle with schools of Walleyes for protection from Pike.

With a Sports License you can bring 50 Perch home with you. This way you have enough meat to invite your friends over for the big fish fry.

Portage Lakes

Ther is a short portage to Whiz Lake.

Camp Amenities:

  • Running Water: Yes
  • Washroom: Indoor
  • Shower: Yes
  • Fridge: Propane
  • Stove: Propane
  • Lights: Solar
  • Electricity: Yes, Gas Generator and Solar Electric
  • BBQ: Propane
  • Heating: Wood Stove
  • Deck: Yes
  • Radio or Satellite Phone: Yes
  • Boats: 16′ Lund with padded swivel seats
  • Motors: 9.9 and 15HP Yamaha 4-stroke motors
  • Other: Propane Fish Cooker, Screened-in Fish Cleaning House, Drinking Water

Air Service provided by:
Wilderness Air Escapes
Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Long Lake
49.869057, -93.401703

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Additional Details

  • Other Features:2 Guests Minimum
  • Boats:16' Boats, 9.9HP Motors, 15HP Motors
  • Water Body:Only Camp on Lake, Portage Lake(s), Smaller Lake (<800 acres)
  • Cabin Features:Running Water, Shower, Electricity, Gas Generator, Solar Power, Flush Toilet, Satellite Phone/Two-Way Radio/inReach
  • Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch
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