Kapikotongwa Lake Outpost

Guests: 4 to 8
Flight Distance: 49 miles, 17 minutes
Fly-in/Out Days: Any
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish
Lake Size: 3,464 acres, above average
Shoreline: 45 miles (73 km)
Portage Lakes: No
Other Camps on Lake: Yes, there is one other outpost camp.

Camp Description

About Kapikotongwa (Kap) Lake

This is one of the hottest Walleye lakes in Ontario. From the cabins you have many miles to fish. The lake is connected to Tennant Lake and Melchett Lake, which gives out three top lakes to fish. All this water with its diverse structure and many weedy bays produce incredible numbers as well as big trophies.

Max Depth: 45 feet
Shoreline: 12 miles (not counting other lakes)
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch & Whitefish
Best Known For: High numbers of Walleyes & Big Northern Pike

The Fishing

This fly in lodge is a great option if you are looking for non stop Walleye action. There are points and narrows on this lake where it’s one Walleye after another all day. 50 to 60 Walleyes per day is a normal relaxing day of fishing. Guy’s who work hard can easily reach the 100 Walleyes per day mark. Like all fish, there are some days where the fish will not bite no-matter how many fish are under the boat. But the possibility does exist even in the Walleye stuffed lakes of Nakina. The great thing about these lakes is the unusual number of Walleye is the 5 and 6-pound range. On occasion Walleyes over 10 pounds get caught. The Walleye fishing in Kap Lake is non-stop enjoyment.

There is a high population of Perch and Whitefish in Kap Lake and the Pike gorge themselves on them and get big. This is a recipe for trophy Northern Pike. Northern Pike are common in the 4 to 10 pound range and throughout the week guests should catch a few big Northerns in the 35″+ range. Tons of trophy Northern Pike get caught by guys that are Walleye fishing. Guests who target Northern Pike have a chance of getting something really big. Most Pike fanatics know that the lakes with the biggest Northern Pike are lakes with Whitefish. Whitefish are oily and easy to swallow. This high fat a protein meal enables the Pike to grow fast and get huge. Whitefish are also a deep water fish. The Monster size Northern Pike will hang out along ridges around 15 to 20 feet deep and use this ridge as a base for their deep water Whitefish attacks. If you are not hitting Pike in the shallows try deeper.

The Cabin

The cabin sleeps 8 and is fully outfitted for housekeeping with propane stove and refrigerator. The kitchen is equipped with pot, pan, dishes and cutlery. A small generator provides electricity for lights and charging batteries, and both the shower and sink have running water.

Portage Lakes


Camp Amenities:

  • Running Water: Yes
  • Washroom: Outdoor
  • Shower: Yes
  • Fridge: Propane
  • Stove: Propane
  • Lights: Electric
  • Electricity: Yes, gas generator
  • BBQ: Propane
  • Heating: Wood Stove
  • Deck: No
  • Radio or Satellite Phone: No
  • Boats: 14′ Nadens with swivel seats
  • Motors: 9.9HP Yamaha 4-stroke
  • Other: Propane Fish Cooker
Air Service Provided By:

Nakina Air Service
Nakina, Ontario
Cordingley Lake
50.216978, -86.708495

Additional Details

  • Other Features:Family Discounts, Taxes Included
  • Boats:9.9HP Motors
  • Water Body:Portage Lake(s), River System
  • Cabin Features:Running Water, Shower, Electricity, Gas Generator
  • Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish
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