Slate Falls Outposts

Currently we are in our 30th year of business and still tweaking things a bit each season to make your fishing vacation a little wee bit better than the last one you had with us. We feature a fleet of planes that can move large and small groups in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Outposts are remote and well equipped, our fishing is as good as anywhere and our service support is THE BEST OUT THERE!

We are leaders in conservation in our area and have promoted NO TROPHIES KILLED for over 20 years and conservation license limits.

Our camp selection is varied and a lake system to meet practically everyone’s expectations. We have 3 cabins located at the western end of Lake St. Joseph at Eagle Island, where we keep a staff attendant to cover your day to day camp needs. At the far west end of the lake by the river outlet we have our Root Bay cabin. All three of these sites are fishing by exclusive permit only [only available through us]. Just to the south of St. Joe is Miniss Lake, a large complex of islands and structure, noted for its large northerns. South of that is our newest addition, Hooker Lake, a series of small and large lakes all interconnected to the main lake but accessible by boat. And finally, we have Maskara Lake, an exclusive smaller lake where you are the only cabin on the lake and abundant walleye, northerns and smallmouth bass.

Delve deeper in to our website and see what we are really about and join the 90% + clients that have us first on their list of places to go back to next time they come to Canada!
Contact us by email or phone [807 737 2903] to see what dates and lakes we have that will match what you need on your next fishing foray in to Canada!

Slate Falls Outposts started operating in 1986 with 6 outpost locations. 30 years later we are still going strong. We were industry leaders back in the day with “spare” coleman lanterns, mattresses not ‘foamies’, hand pump water at the sink, 3 burner counter top stoves instead of colemans, swede saws for the firewood and regular check flights. You flew in on a piston Otter or Beaver.

JUMP AHEAD A DECADE and we are still leading our industry with new motors each year, 4 burner stoves with ovens, on demand solar water at the sink, solar lighting everywhere, each cabin now has a propane chest freezer in addition to the propane fridge and we introduced our first solar fridge. Operating 10 sites now, all cabins with large decks, BBQ’s, cut up firewood and boat seats. You flew in on a Cessna Caravan.

JUMP ANOTHER DECADE and our ‘every 2 days service flights’ is one of our signature services. Firewood now resides in a wood shed, indoor plumbing, covered decks, sat phones are now available to take with you. Outside fish cookers and boat slip docks are everywhere. We dropped our camp volume strategically down to 6 and introduced the first turbine otter in the area.
JUMP FORWARD TO NOW and we have solar fridges and freezers at every location and the propane stuff is long gone. All the cabins have separate bedrooms and mostly no bunk beds anywhere. Ryan is assisting me full time in the continued development and maintenance of everything. Opening Hooker Lake up this year, rounding our total cabins up to 8, all the docks now have multiple hand rails installed for ease of getting in and out of the boat. Motors are all 4 stroke gas sippers now, with Lake St.Joseph getting all electric motors for the upcoming season! Two turbine Otters get the groups in and out safe and efficiently.

JUMP AHEAD 10 YEARS and we will still be here, leading the way in our industry and who knows what we will be offering by then!

The Outpost Camps

Our fishing outposts are 30 to 45 minutes north of town. Over the years we have purchased and sold locations and now concentrate on Lake St. Joe where we have a total of 4 cabins. In addition to St. Joe we have two cabins on Minniss Lake, located about 3 miles apart. We also have a cabin on Maskara Lake, and we have added Hooker Lake in 2016.
I am happy to say we stay at the cutting edge of making your wilderness vacation cabin as comfortable as it can possibly be. Check out these featured amenities at every site:

Outside The Outposts

  • Board walks from docks to cabin and to outhouse, no need to dirty up the cabin floor every time you step outside, right?
  • Fishing cleaning stations with running water for easy clean up
  • Firepit with comfortable seating
  • Boat slips for all the boats allowing easier in and out access with custom handrails
  • Floating docks at all sites to accommodate Mother Nature and her whims
  • Large covered decks with nice outdoor seating so you are not stuck in the cabin all the time
  • Propane BBQ and three burner fish cooking station
  • Firewood cut up in the woodshed
  • A decent sized lawn area to keep the bugs down
  • Outhouse with window and solar light
  • Boats are all equipped with life jackets, anchors, swivel boat seats, 15 h.p. honda 4 stroke motors with rock guards, landing nets, safety kits and paddles

Inside The Outposts

  • Full sized propane stove and oven
  • Solar lighting
  • Bedrooms are 2-3 beds per room
  • Solar fridge complete with large ice compartment
  • Solar freezer that works like it does in your garage
  • Wood stove heating
  • All your dishes and cutlery
  • Running water at sink and a 3 piece bathroom with hot water on demand!
  • Large eating areas and comfortable furniture to relax on.

The Fishing

Sure we offer great service and great facilities and equipment but we also have very good fishing. Our two species are walleye and northerns. We have had a conservation/trophy release program in place for nearly two decades and the results show in the fishing. Lots of fish and all sizes. It only makes sense that if you return all the large fish you will have more large fish breeding to produce even more ‘eaters’ and a better chance of recatching the slow learners! You can still eat all you want up there and take home two of each species.

Air Service

We use Slate Falls Airways that has a complete fleet of 2 Otters, a Beaver and several Cessnas. We can safely and efficiently handle a group of 2 to a group of 12, all at one time. The Otters are all turbine and state of the art bush planes flown by competent professionals. All of your gear is weighed in and every plane leaves the dock legally loaded. IF you have excess then I fly it in on a separate plane or on a check flight.
Pick up day is not pick up day but rather, pick up hour. I give you your slated hour for the plane to arrive and more often than not we are within 10 minutes of that slated time. IF the weather, or something else, conspires against us then you may end up waiting a bit but that is the exception, not the rule.

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